Do you know when a strategy is broken before it burns off your capital?
Do you know when is the right time to cut your losses?
These are the two key skills that 
every successful trader must have.

I will teach you everything I know in this bundle: 
Trading System Evaluation + Mastering Position Sizing.
Have you ever heard of the trap for beginner traders?
It happens when a novice trader creates a trading system, and they convince themselves that it will be very profitable, and invest all the money they have.

"If the system works why not make as much money as quickly as possible?" they ask themselves.

When they are unlucky, they start losing money as soon as they go Live.

When they are lucky, they start to make a lot of money, but then - inevitably - the wheel turns.

The moment comes when the system's performance drops, it goes negative, and they don't know what to do.

"Do I keep waiting or I do I stop?" they ask themselves continually worn down by doubt.

Doubts that - if you do not have objective tools to analyze the situation - sometimes they lead you to make sensational mistakes.

"I had earned XX.XXX euro but then I lost it all together with the capital" is the tragic conclusion that I have heard too many times to tell.
Because a good trader must know how to do two things:
 - Analyze a trading system.

 - Manage risk.

A good trader understands the potential - or mistakes - of a trading system even before it goes live ... even before risking a single euro.

They understand when the time comes to stop, and above all they know how much of their capital they must invest.
Without these two skills, trading is risky and fluctuating.

It is something that one day sends you to the seventh heaven for profits, and the next one in depression for losses.
  • ​How do you understand when a trading system stops working?
  • ​How much do you need to invest to maximize profits and minimize losses?
If the answer is No, I have created two programs especially for you:
Trading System Evaluation teaches you to analyze a trading system, understand when it no longer works, and how to correct it.

Mastering Position Sizing teaches you the best money management techniques to protect your precious capital and make it more profitable.

In the bundle, you'll find everything you need to know to avoid costly beginner mistakes, which can make you throw away money, but also precious months of work.

You will find everything I've learned in my career by comparing - and winning 4 times - against the biggest traders in the world.
With Trading System Evaluation you will learn:
  •  What are the most important metrics of a trading system. 
  •  How to understand when a system no longer works before it burns your capital.
  •  How to analyze a trading system in detail before it goes live.
  •  How to evaluate the stability of the system when parameters change.
  •  How different time frames can influence the development of a system.
  •  How to do the technical and psychological analysis of a Performance Report in the right way.
  •  What the MFE - MAE abbreviations mean, and how to use them to improve your trading.
  •  How to take advantage of Equity Curve Trading to avoid heavy drawdowns.
trading system evaluation
Con Mastering Position Sizing impari:
mastering position sizing
  •  What are the most profitable money management techniques.
  •  How to choose the best technique in your specific case.
  •  How to quantify the capital to invest in different markets.
  •  What is the Risk of Ruin and how to avoid it.
  •  How to make the most precious Montecarlo simulations.
  •  How to evaluate the Trading System + Model Position Sizing combination.
  •  What is Trade Dependency and when it can be exploited.
  •  What is a Work Plan and how to structure it in the right way.
  •  How to transform thousands of euros of gains into millions, with the compounding effect.
Each program comes with a handbook + free video lessons.
After you have completed the programs you will be a trader able to:
  • ​Analyze a trading system with precision (yours or others).
  • ​Recognize bugs or errors even before the system goes live. 
  • ​Understand the right time to stop the system. 
  • ​Understand the right amount of capital to invest in each system. 
  • ​Use the best position sizing techniques to multiply the capital 
  • ​Minimize losses by cutting them when the system is broken. 
These two programs are suitable for all traders, developers and non-developers.
Even if you cannot program, with this material you can learn how to evaluate the performance of trading systems created by others.
Bought individually:

Mastering Position Sizing costs € 797, Trading System Evaluation costs € 997.

The bonuses are worth € 1,000.

Together the total value is of € 2,794.

You can get the bundle now at a price of €1497.
Beginner's luck also exists in Trading.

You tackle the right strategy, you make good profits, and you start to fantasize about how it will change your life for the better ...

Quitting your job, new car, family vacation, freedom.

Greed takes over, and all the available capital is invested to make it even faster.

But then the system starts to get worse suddenly ... the gains made earlier are eaten up, and the panic rises.
The result? The gain and the capital are lost in a flash.

Everyone can have an initial stroke of luck, but in order to have a long and constant success in Automatic Trading you need two basic skills:

  - Know how to analyze a Trading System.

  - Know how to manage capital.

For €1497, I will teach you everything I know about the subject.

Lessons learned from experience that cost me time, effort, and so much money invested.

Lessons, which could have saved who knows how many traders from total bankruptcy.
Andrea Unger
If for any reason you do not find this material useful for your career as a trader, write to us within 14 days and we will refund you the full amount paid.
No questions, no requests for explanations ... just write "I want a refund" and we will refund you.

After a few years trying on my own, Andrea Unger material put me on track to develop, evaluate and implement automated strategies with serious potential. His manuals are detailed, clear and with a lot of examples.

Carlos, Spagna

Andrea's training is the most comprehensive and step by step program to start building reliable trading systems that really work.

Marcello Vieira, Brasile

I am trading and developing systems for more than 15 years and I can honestly say that during that period I haven't come across anything similar to the material presented by Andrea. It's well conducted, the information is test driven by a great trader and a great teacher, who knows what he is talking about because "he has been there, done that!!" Definitively a buy!!

Daniel, Germania
With Trading System Evaluation you learn to analyze a trading system - yours or others' - to understand when is the right time to stop it.

With Mastering Position Sizing you learn the best money management techniques to minimize the risks of trading.

And all this while maximizing profits and minimizing risks and losses.
If you read this far, it means you understood the value of risk management when you're trading.

I promise I'll teach you every fundamental step to learn how to analyze a strategy, decide when to stop it, and how much risk capital to invest in each trade.

The real value of this material is € 2,794.

You can click the button below to get access for just €1497.

Thank you for reading this page and I wish you all the best.
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